Quick and Easy Giant Candles

People who love candles can spend a fortune on them over a lifetime, but making them yourself can save some money. And, the larger you make them, the longer they’ll burn, saving you even more. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to burn your handmade candles; you can always set them out for display only.
Making giant candles means using giant molds. There are lots of things you can use for molds, like bowls, cardboard boxes, shaped foil and other items from around the house. If you don’t want to ruin good dishes, though, you’ll have to line the molds with foil first.

Take a large plastic bowl from the cupboard. You can either line the bowl with foil, set the wicks, pour the wax and leave the candle in the bowl for display. If you decide to burn the candle, the foil will protect the plastic bowl from melting. Or, you can line the bowl with foil, set the wicks, pour the wax, and after cooling, remove the candle from the bowl. The foil will make it easy to remove the candle from the mold.

The great thing about using the foil is that it makes it very easy to give your candle exterior designs. Simply tape things to the inside of the bowl, cover with the foil, then pour the wax. Depending upon the item, you can have heart shapes, floral shapes, and other designs molded right into the candle. Try various real items or miniature craft objects like anchors, dolphins, candy canes, butterflies, animals, and many other choices. To get the best look for your candle make sure the foil is well-molded around the object before pouring the wax.

Another way to use the giant bowl as a mold is to fill it two-thirds full of sand. Take a large, yet smaller bowl, and push it down into the sand, working it side to side to make a concave area for pouring the wax. Set the wicks and pour the wax. After it’s cool, remove the candle and blow off excess sand. Now you can put your candle on a dinner plate or another candle base. Instead of a bowl you can use large pots for these crafts as well.

A nice block candle is made by using a cardboard box. Tape objects onto the inside of the box, if desired, then line the entire inside of the box with foil. If the box is particularly thick it’s not necessary to line with foil. Just cover the outside corners – all of them – with masking tape to prevent seeping.

Fill a tall square box, or half-gallon cardboard milk container, with large ice chips. Pack as many ice chips, around the wicks, as possible. Pour wax in to fill the container. Allow to cool. Before removing candle from the form, turn upside-down to drain water. Upon removing the candle you’ll notice it’s full of holes, like Swiss cheese. This is a unique candle look and can be made with any size box.

Other things you can use to make huge candles are crock pots, canisters, empty oatmeal containers, mailing boxes or even plastic bins. Line anything that could melt with foil. Use masking tape at the corners when using plain boxes.

Decorate the giant candles by wrapping them in lace and tying a satin ribbon around them, painting the indentations left by the objects you taped into the molds, or by adding things like fabric, piping, glitter or paint. Or, forget the embellishments and just color the candle by making each layer a different shade, using crayons for color. Remember to remove anything flammable, like cloth, before lighting the candles.

Putting Machismo in Your Scented Candles

These are not your floating candles smelling sweetly of lavender or your soy candles with that earthy aroma; instead, the Manly Man Candle Company entices the man not afraid of lighting something other than a barbeque with scents such as “hunting lodge,” “cedar forest,” “yard work,” and “clean laundry.”

Even as machismo is not usually connected with candles, it appears that the Manly Man Candle Company has found a unique way of getting men to buy candles. With prices varying by size from $4.99 to $12.99, the male not afraid of his feminine side or card carrying metrosexual can now revel in manly scents while scoring brownie points from the female set for being sensitive.

Perhaps this website did not get as much traffic as the gutsy entrepreneur would have liked. Then again, the scents may have been a bit too tame. I mean, “clean laundry”? Hardly dripping with testosterone! As CNN features the video of the daring entrepreneur behind the man candle shop, one cannot help but wonder what could be next.

Conceivably catching on to the fact that his creations needed a serious dose of unadulterated testosterone and the bottled equivalents of the Billy Idol sneer, the John Elway Hail Mary and a Bruce Lee round kick, the candle maker put his Manly Man Candle Website on the backburner, regrouped, and then created the Buy Mandles site.

Fox 29 WFLX ferreted out more information and reported that the “mandles” are the brainchild of one Brent Grassman, a manly man hailing from Montana – hardly the candle capital of America – who has been kicking around this idea for a few years now. It would seem that “beer” is a scent that is not as easily created as men would like, and the candle bearing this smell as of yet does not pass the sniff test.

Forget the “yard work” and the “clean laundry” and instead go straight for the “duct tape,” “burrito fart,” and “urinal deodorizer”! Now we’re talking manly scents and not a metrosexual in the house! Sure, there is not anyone who would be caught dead lighting this in their home, but it makes for a great Internet buzz.

Truth be told, his original website is actual a stroke of genius. The scents are not exactly manly, but what he is marketing is not so much the scent as it is the memory. Men in particular associate certain practical smells with “the good old days” or childhood, and usually these scents are the basic, earthy ones.

Not much of a candle gal myself, I do see the finesse and the genius in marketing the “yard work” scent that smells of freshly cut grass or the “clean laundry” smell that is reminiscent of the time when someone else would do my wash and then place it – neatly folded – into the drawers. Especially for the college kid, this is a great gift to cut down on that initial phase of homesickness.

Now, Mr. Grassman, for us married folk … is there any chance of making a candle that smells like “man dusting” or “husband putting socks in hamper without being asked? Just wondering…

Paula Deen Scented Candles Review

I’m not sure whether it was Wal-Mart or Giant Food where I first saw Paula Deen’s line of scented candles. I like scented candles and am always interested in comparing them to the quality of Yankee Candles, which so far in my travels have proven to be the best in burning and longest and strongest lasting scents. Paula Deen’s candles were pretty reasonable priced compared to Yankee Candles’ price points, but the scents I found didn’t appeal to me at all!

I don’t normally like to purchase food-scent candles as they normally come in baked good scents like cookies, cakes and pies, and burning them tends to leave me craving the item its imitating.
Not too surprisingly Paula Deen’s candles were all food scented. Some of them strange combinations if you ask me! Fresh Fruit Pizza, Skillet-Fried Apple Pie, Pear Crisp, banana oatmeal chip cookie, and coconut pound cake to name a few. Again, while I liked the jar designs and the varieties they came in, I was not overly enthusiastic about the scents.

Finally, after the holidays were over, on a shopping trip to the local Giant Food store I happened across a Paula Deen candle in one of the reduced price bins. There was only one candle available in the reduced price bin at my Giant food store, and unfortunately its scent was ‘Mystery Pecan Pie,’ which was kind of heavy and heady smelling, not foul, but probably one I would not have picked normally had I not been paying half price on a 21oz jar normally selling for $10!

I also like the idea of using less expensive candles to burn along with or in place of my more expensive candles so that I can extend the life of my better quality candles. I like the cheaper ones to use for power outages or for times when I’m not as concerned about the scent as much as I am about having a flame. This made me anxious to try out the new Paula Deen candle the same night I got it home.

The Paula Deen Mystery Pecan Pie jar candle I had was a rather large, somewhat cylindrical, wide mouth jar of smooth caramel-colored wax. The cotton wick was thick and a little difficult to trim with my dull scissors. Once trimmed, the wick lit easily and the candle burned clean and evenly! The fragrance was constant and noticeable, but not a turn-off as I’d anticipated because the smell was subtle and not overbearing. After burning 3 or 4 hours and producing about a half inch of melted wax, I distinguished the flame to let it cool and be trimmed before relighting it again. At this time, with the flame extinguished and the melted wax exposed, I found the waning fragrance much more pleasant and more true to the scent of a baked good.

I also discovered that behind the cardboard label attached to the candle jar was a recipe for Paula Deen’s Mystery Pecan Pie! This little treasure, along with the nice burning quality of Paula Deen’s candle inspired me to search for other Paula Deen candles in recipes I thought I’d like.

I hadn’t seen any more of Paula Deen’s candles in the regular candle aisle at Giants so I wondered if they had been a seasonal item or maybe were discontinued for not selling well, but I’d definitely like to try them in other scents. Also, I think it would be kind of cool to see if the dessert made from the recipe included with the candle smells the same!

Online searches showed that I might be able to find more of Paula Deen’s candles at: Boscov’s, QVC, Wal-Mart, Linen n Things, GivingGallery.com, PaulaDeen.com, and Kohl’s. Unfortunately, when I visited those sites I didn’t have much luck. Kohl’s had a few scents at reduced prices but the best deals in Paula Deen’s candles proved to be online at eBay. If you appreciate a quality-burning candle just as much as you do a fragrant candle I recommend heading to eBay and doing a search for Paula Deen’s scented candles. Be sure to follow the directions on the jar to get the best and cleanest burning effect from your candle. For some of the best candles reviews check that out for more information.

Baby Birth Candles

If you, or a loved one are expecting, you might want to consider making birth candles part of your plans for the new arrival. There are two general types of birth candles, and both are typically pillar candles. The first is a personalized candle that is purchased or given as a gift after the baby is born. The candle can be personalized, since the baby’s name, gender and birth details are known. The second type of birth candle is rich with tradition, and is given in advance of the baby actually being born. . There is a very old custom, of lighting a candle when childbirth begins. It was thought that the world was evil, and that both the mother and infant were particularly vulnerable to harmful spirits during labor. The light of the candle provided gentle illumination, but was also for protection. Candelifera was the Roman goddess of childbirth. Her name means “candle bearer” or “she who brings candles”. She was invoked when childbirth started, with a candle being dedicated to her name, and then lit as the baby was brought into the world. In this traditional sense, the birth candle is not necessarily personalized, since the sex of the child may not be known. It is the candle and flame that is significant. There are a number of ways to integrate the tradition of a birth candle to the delivery of a baby.

1. Parents can use birth candles as birth announcements, for close friends and family. A personalized candle can be given as a gift to those close to the new baby.

2. Alternatively, friends or family can give a personalized birth candle to the new parents, as a decorative keepsake. The candle can incorporate the child’s name, date of birth, parent’s names, etc.

3. Birth candles can be a key theme of a baby shower. Each guest is given a birth candle, and a phone list is created. When labor begins, all the guests are called so they can light the birth candles as the baby comes into the world.

4. Send birth candles to those who are too far away to attend the shower or see the baby when it’s first born. It’s a great way to let them feel part of the process, even across the miles.

5. A special option would be to actually make the birth candles at a baby shower. The supplies for making candles are not expensive, and it’s a fun group activity that would be very meaningful.

6. It is possible to personalize the candle with the astrological sign, but remember that a baby that is born a few days early or later than predicted might actually have a different sign!

7. Color can be used very intentionally to customize birth candles. For example a white candle is for a visionary innovator; blue for the noble bringer of justice, orange for the joy-bringer, yellow for the clear-thinker/communicator.

8. If the birth candle has not been burned down very far, it can serve as a birthday candle in the future.

9. Eventually the candles will burn down to stubs, but they can be melted down to create a birthday candle for the child.

10. For families that are sensitive to soot or smoke, there are flameless birth candles. These obviously eliminate any risk of fire, and are also allowed in hospital rooms, for the delivery.

How to Use a 7 Day Candle and Information About 7 Day Candles

The company they use to order their product to be shipped to you is a very honest company and very helpful if you need assistance. I have used them once and then I realized my order may not get to me in time so I called the company and they upgraded my shipping to a expedited shipping and did not charge me. This was amazing to me I was all ready to pay for the extra charge because I feel I should have chose that shipping method in the first place. Since my most recent order with them I will now only buy from them. They are a Wicca supply store so mostly all of their products have to deal with the religious aspects of Wicca.

How to choose a 7 day candle for you’re your goals and what you are seeking to accomplish.

First of all choosing what type of 7 day candle you will need is the main and most important step. 7 day candles for the practice of the Wicca religion is almost a must if you don’t know how to make your own 7 day candle. First look at the candles they have to offer and most of them will have a description of what they will do for you. Remember you would not use a love attraction candle to bring customers to your business. So ready the description of the 7 day candles. Like the one I just ordered is called a 7 day door opener candle. This particular 7 day candle will open the door for new opportunities for me. I need this because I am moving and starting my own Wicca church so being open to opportunities in my business is a must.

How to use a 7 day candle: for your needs to accomplish a goal in your home or business.

Usually a 7 day ritual candle will already be blessed or consecrated for your needs. The ones in the above link are already consecrated and ready to use. If you don’t find what you need visit www.wiccansupplier.com and they will have every type of 7 day candle you can think of.

The most important thing when it comes to the use of these candles is put it near a place where you will be thinking of what you want to accomplish. The 7 day candle does not have to be place on a Wiccan altar. I have mine placed by my computer because that is where I think about how I want my business to grow and where I see opportunities for my business. Make sure that when next to the 7 day candles keep negative thought and feelings out of your mind and do not say negative things, you do not want to create any bad karma.