Putting Machismo in Your Scented Candles

These are not your floating candles smelling sweetly of lavender or your soy candles with that earthy aroma; instead, the Manly Man Candle Company entices the man not afraid of lighting something other than a barbeque with scents such as “hunting lodge,” “cedar forest,” “yard work,” and “clean laundry.”

Even as machismo is not usually connected with candles, it appears that the Manly Man Candle Company has found a unique way of getting men to buy candles. With prices varying by size from $4.99 to $12.99, the male not afraid of his feminine side or card carrying metrosexual can now revel in manly scents while scoring brownie points from the female set for being sensitive.

Perhaps this website did not get as much traffic as the gutsy entrepreneur would have liked. Then again, the scents may have been a bit too tame. I mean, “clean laundry”? Hardly dripping with testosterone! As CNN features the video of the daring entrepreneur behind the man candle shop, one cannot help but wonder what could be next.

Conceivably catching on to the fact that his creations needed a serious dose of unadulterated testosterone and the bottled equivalents of the Billy Idol sneer, the John Elway Hail Mary and a Bruce Lee round kick, the candle maker put his Manly Man Candle Website on the backburner, regrouped, and then created the Buy Mandles site.

Fox 29 WFLX ferreted out more information and reported that the “mandles” are the brainchild of one Brent Grassman, a manly man hailing from Montana – hardly the candle capital of America – who has been kicking around this idea for a few years now. It would seem that “beer” is a scent that is not as easily created as men would like, and the candle bearing this smell as of yet does not pass the sniff test.

Forget the “yard work” and the “clean laundry” and instead go straight for the “duct tape,” “burrito fart,” and “urinal deodorizer”! Now we’re talking manly scents and not a metrosexual in the house! Sure, there is not anyone who would be caught dead lighting this in their home, but it makes for a great Internet buzz.

Truth be told, his original website is actual a stroke of genius. The scents are not exactly manly, but what he is marketing is not so much the scent as it is the memory. Men in particular associate certain practical smells with “the good old days” or childhood, and usually these scents are the basic, earthy ones.

Not much of a candle gal myself, I do see the finesse and the genius in marketing the “yard work” scent that smells of freshly cut grass or the “clean laundry” smell that is reminiscent of the time when someone else would do my wash and then place it – neatly folded – into the drawers. Especially for the college kid, this is a great gift to cut down on that initial phase of homesickness.

Now, Mr. Grassman, for us married folk … is there any chance of making a candle that smells like “man dusting” or “husband putting socks in hamper without being asked? Just wondering…