How to Use a 7 Day Candle and Information About 7 Day Candles

The company they use to order their product to be shipped to you is a very honest company and very helpful if you need assistance. I have used them once and then I realized my order may not get to me in time so I called the company and they upgraded my shipping to a expedited shipping and did not charge me. This was amazing to me I was all ready to pay for the extra charge because I feel I should have chose that shipping method in the first place. Since my most recent order with them I will now only buy from them. They are a Wicca supply store so mostly all of their products have to deal with the religious aspects of Wicca.

How to choose a 7 day candle for you’re your goals and what you are seeking to accomplish.

First of all choosing what type of 7 day candle you will need is the main and most important step. 7 day candles for the practice of the Wicca religion is almost a must if you don’t know how to make your own 7 day candle. First look at the candles they have to offer and most of them will have a description of what they will do for you. Remember you would not use a love attraction candle to bring customers to your business. So ready the description of the 7 day candles. Like the one I just ordered is called a 7 day door opener candle. This particular 7 day candle will open the door for new opportunities for me. I need this because I am moving and starting my own Wicca church so being open to opportunities in my business is a must.

How to use a 7 day candle: for your needs to accomplish a goal in your home or business.

Usually a 7 day ritual candle will already be blessed or consecrated for your needs. The ones in the above link are already consecrated and ready to use. If you don’t find what you need visit and they will have every type of 7 day candle you can think of.

The most important thing when it comes to the use of these candles is put it near a place where you will be thinking of what you want to accomplish. The 7 day candle does not have to be place on a Wiccan altar. I have mine placed by my computer because that is where I think about how I want my business to grow and where I see opportunities for my business. Make sure that when next to the 7 day candles keep negative thought and feelings out of your mind and do not say negative things, you do not want to create any bad karma.