What to Buy

What to Buy

There are so many top notch brands out companies out there that do great candles it’s definitely hard for me to choose my favroites but I have decided and below are my favorite 5 options out there.

#1 Woodwick

I like Woodwick because their candles are never to strong in scent but they are just about right. Its never too strong a smell but it really gives of a beautiful aroma that can be left to burn for hours on end without the room becoming so strongly smelling of candle.

#2 Mainstays

If you are looking for a range of value candles I would have to recommend Mainstays, they have some really great smelling candles, I personally enjoy their more lightly scented options.

#3 Yankee Candle

Yankee are definitely one of the biggest brand when it comes to candles they have mastered exactly what makes a perfect candle and I have never had a Yankee candle that I didn’t appreciate.

#4 Paddywax

If you are looking for candles that can be burnt for only a short time yet their scent last much longer then these are your best bet. Even though their quality is really high end their price is still really well priced and competitive.

#5 Crumble Co.

If you are looking for some more obscure candles or ones that can make you laugh or smile simply from the name alone then these are perfect for you. One of their candles is called “Wax Daddy” that alone made me buy some of their products.