Where to Buy

Where to Buy

There are a host of different places you can end up buying candles, from your local target to ordering online there are a lot of options and thing will definitely depend on your preference.

Needless to say buying candles you have never used or smelt before online can be a problem. As you don’t know the true scent until it arrives so that can be risky. If you are ordering a more well known brand the rish is a lot lesser as you know their quality of their products is generally good.

My top 3 places I get my candles from are –


Yes you may be surprised but Amazon sometimes has good deals and a decent selection and as most people have an account with Amazon nowadays there is little inconvience for almost anyone to buy with them.


Yankee candles are some of the best out there and for good reason. Buying a Yankee candle online even if you haven’t tried it before isn’t really a risk because their quality is absolutely top notch.


Michaels is my 3rd and final choice because they have a nice selection of candles available and usually for quite good prices, though if you haven’t tried the brand before I would be wary ordering until you are sure of the quality, other than that they are absolutely amazing!